Why Yearbook

Having a Yearbook is an amazing way to preserve your memories from this year. A Yearbook is a timeless treasure that will allow you to remember and look back at your accomplishments and memorable moments from high school. You don’t want to miss out getting your Yearbook!

The only living hard copy proof of your years in high school are the photos and words that live in Eastonia, East Highs yearbook. 30 years from now students will want to show their kids and friends their significant memories from high school.

A yearbook takes you back to your favorite school memories. However much you think that you’ll remember now, as years come and go you’ll really value being able to revisit the ‘best days of your life’. Be part of something bigger by sharing your photos and purchasing this timeless treasurer today.

Important Dates

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Yearbooks Only $40

Price Increase to $50 after August 31st

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Senior Salutes

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